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Zhan Zhao
Wuxia character

from one 1890 print of the novel

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Created byShi Yukun
In-universe information
NicknamesSouthern Hero (南俠)
Imperial Cat (御貓)
SpouseBai Yutang
HomeWujin, Changzhou
Zhan Zhao
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu PinyinZhǎn Zhāo
Wade–GilesChan3 Chao1
Yue: Cantonese
Yale RomanizationJin2 Chiu1
JyutpingZin2 Ciu1

Zhan Zhao (展昭) is a fictional character in the Chinese wuxia classic The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants. Nicknamed the "Southern Hero", he is a righteous knight-errant with incredible martial arts skills, often helping Prefect Bao Zheng uphold justice. Emperor Renzong of Song made him a 4th rank royal guard and gave him the title "Imperial Cat" for his swift movements.


Saving Bao Zheng at the Gold Dragon Monastery[edit]

Zhan Zhao sees a Taoist priest attempting to lớn commit suicide and saves him. The priest reveals that two lecherous monks have killed the old monk in the Gold Dragon Monastery, and are using the place to lớn hide women they kidnap. The priest reported them, but the government took in bribes and physically punished the priest instead. Meanwhile, Bao Zheng and servant Bao Xing arrive at the monastery for overnight lodging. At night, Zhan climbs over the wall and discovers that the monks have locked the pair up with plans to lớn murder them for money. Zhan helps them escape while he stays behind. A few hours later, Bao Zheng sees a huge fire from the direction of the monastery.

Saving Bao Zheng at Earth Dragon Crag[edit]

While passing through Earth Dragon Crag, Zhan Zhao is confronted by a bandit named Zhao Hu and defeats him quickly. Other bandits come to lớn help and Zhan sees that his old friend Wang Chao is the leader. Wang invites Zhan to lớn the crag where he rules with blood brothers Ma Han, Zhang Long and Zhao. Zhan discovers that they have two prisoners and recognizes them as Bao Zheng and Bao Xing whom he had saved once before. He asks the bandits to lớn release them and after talking, suggests to lớn the four that instead of remaining as bandits, they should help Bao Zheng serve the country. Eventually his suggestion is followed.

Unfoiling Bao Zheng's Assassination Plot[edit]

Near Chenzhou, Zhan Zhao sees a woman crying and learns that Marquis Pang Yu had kidnapped a beautiful woman Jin Yuxian. At night, Zhan climbs over the wall to lớn Pang Yu's palace and discovers a plot by Pang and Governor Jiang Wan to lớn assassinate Bao Zheng, on his way to lớn Chenzhou to lớn investigate Pang's wrongdoings. Zhan follows the assassin Xiang Fu and notifies Bao beforehand. At night, Xiang is spotted on the roof by Bao's vigilant entourage and when he tries to lớn escape, Zhan shoots him down with an arrow. Using Zhan's tips, Bao also saves Jin and arrests Pang.

Engagement to lớn Ding Yuehua[edit]

Zhan Zhao is invited by Ding Zhaohui to lớn visit the Ding Family Village. There he tries sword nhảy with a famous sword from the village, Zhanlu, and remarks that Zhanlu is much lighter than thở his own sword, Juque. Outraged, the younger cousin Ding Yuehua challenges Zhan to lớn a duel as she is Zhanlu's owner. Zhan is very impressed with Ding Yuehua's skills and admits defeat when she cuts off his bandanna. However, Ding Zhaolan notices that Zhan has actually cut off Ding Yuehua's earring which is much more difficult. With the blessings of the entire Ding family, Zhan and Ding Yuehua exchange swords as engagement gifts.

Dueling with Bai Yutang[edit]

Zhan Zhao learns that Bai Yutang is in the capital looking to lớn challenge him, as a result of him getting the nickname "Royal Cat" from Emperor Renzong. While Zhan talks about it in the Kaifeng court, Zhao Hu makes a comment that Bai is not to lớn be feared. As soon as Zhao finishes the sentence, someone listening to lớn the conversation outside throws something that breaks the wine cup Zhao has in hand. Zhan quickly goes outside and engages in a battle with this man in the night. Zhan is impressed with Bai's agility and feels his anger. He also gets serious and breaks Bai's sabre. Zhan pursues Bai, but Bai throws a stone, knocking off Zhan's bandanna and manages to lớn escape.

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Being Captured by Bai Yutang[edit]

Bai Yutang steals three treasures and leaves a note specifically challenging Zhan Zhao to lớn follow him to lớn Hollow Island. Jiang Ping and Gongsun Ce suggest that Zhan wait until Han Zhang is found. However, Zhan gets impatient and goes to lớn Hollow Island by himself. The guards at Hollow Island would not open the gate and provoke him. Angry, Zhan climbs the wall at night and finds Bai's place well-lit. He goes inside, and after passing through a few rooms, steps on a spring-lock and falls in a trap. On the third day of his imprisonment he is saved by Ding Zhaohui and gets the three treasures back.


He was the royal guard of the palace. He was assigned to lớn work together with Bao Zheng who was a governor of Kaifeng đô thị, the capital đô thị of Northern Song. He was a very honest person who was good at martial arts. In his life he was known for serving Bao Zheng even more than thở being a royal guard of the imperial court. Zhan Zhao was best known for his martial art skills. He was the body toàn thân guard of Bao Zheng and the fourth ranking royal guard of the Song's Royal Palace. His title was "The Royal Cat" (御猫, yùmāo). He was the only man who was allowed to lớn enter the Inner Palace armed. People said that he represented the Wu (martial) aspect while Bao Zheng represented the Wen (civil) aspect. He was also the leader of Bao Zheng's guards, namely Wang Chao (王朝), Ma Han (馬漢), Zhang Long (張龍) and Zhao Hu (趙虎).

Before Zhan Zhao became a royal guard, he was just a man traveling around the land. He was trained with high power martial art. There was one time that he fought against "The Five Rats" who each had a special power, specializing in water and others underground. Zhan Zhao was once ordered to lớn catch Bai Yutang who was one of the "Five Rats". He invaded their island in order to lớn fight against the five rats. He was able to lớn defeat all of them. Of the Five Rats, Bai Yutang was the best among them and the youngest brother of Five Rats.

Media Adaptations[edit]

Justice Bao (1993 TV Series)[edit]

One of the most well-known truyền thông adaptations of Zhan Zhao is the 1993, 236-episode Justice Bao television series. Zhan Zhao, played by Hong Kong actor Kenny Ho, is portrayed as a righteous, yet gentle and kind knight-errant who assists Bao Zheng, often taking on roles such as Bao's personal body toàn thân guard, policeman, and detective.

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Zhan Zhao's signature garments of the red robe is especially memorable for many, and is often repeated by other television adaptations following this one. It is also because of the red robe appearance that fans describe Kenny Ho's version of Zhan Zhao using these lines: 青锋昭律义 红袍展仁心, "the sword that serves justice, the red robe that displays a kind heart," thus incorporating Zhan Zhao's name (展昭), his personalities, and appearance.

Justice Pao (1995 TV Series)[edit]

Following the popular 1993 TV series is this 80-episode series produced by Television Broadcast Limited. Zhan Zhao, played by Hong Kong actor Felix Wong, once again wears his signature red robe. This version of Zhan Zhao is similarly portrayed as the righteous and sympathetic paladin who sida Bao Zheng in his criminal cases.

Three Heroes and Five Gallants (2016 TV Series)[edit]

A new adaptation of Shi Yukun's The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants produced by Huayi Brothers and Tianxing Yiyuan Entertainment (天星亿源影视), with actor Yan Yikuan playing Zhan Zhao / Shen Zhongyuan. Zhan Zhao is again portrayed as a righteous and clever hero who takes on the persona of Shen Zhongyuan in order to lớn spy on enemies of the people and to lớn complete missions assigned to lớn him by Bao Zheng. It also allows him to lớn team together with the Five Rats.

Justice Bao: The First Year (2019 TV Series)[edit]


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