Review Son Mac Velvet Teddy Matte 617 Màu Cam Đất Thời Thượng

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick Brown-Burning Orange

What impressive lipstick colors did you try from the beginning of this year? In the past year, the trend of earthy lipstick has become a very eye-catching and interesting trend for girls. Among the top lipsticks that many people want to try, the MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick has been highly recommended in recent years. Owning the earthy brown color that has captivated many hearts, let’s see the MAC Velvet Teddy review below.

MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick in earthy brown color


MAC Velvet Teddy Son possesses many advantages that make girls “passionate”!

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MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick has matte lipstick that makes a smooth and perfect lip care!

The love for MAC lipstick never changes in me because the lipstick is also very perfect. First of all, talking about the matte, MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick is completely safe because the lead content is verified to be approximately 0%, much lower than other expensive lipsticks.

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MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick is the next collection from the Retro Matte line that owns a very good matte finish, but in the Matte line, the lipstick is smoother and more moisturizing, better protecting and caring for the lips. The lipstick quality is improved and shows the right color when applying lipstick to the lips. So when applying Mac Matte lipstick, your lips can be nurtured and cared for.


Despite the ability of moisturizing, the MAC lipstick is not as greasy as a balm, it’s just that the lipstick is softer and plumper, after only a few hours, the lipstick layer seems to be drier. With MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick, your lips will always be fresh and beautiful all day, the lipstick stays on for up to 6 hours, and you do not need to reapply the lipstick many times throughout the day.

How much is the MAC Velvet Teddy?

A MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick has an extremely affordable price that is suitable for any girl to choose among many drugstore lipstick lines. The price of Mac Matte Velvet Teddy listed on the original website is $17, and you can check the price on Amazon here. The Velvet Mac lipstick has been appreciated for its extremely good price with high quality.