Luyện Tập Tổng Hợp - Ôn Tập Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 Unit 1 2 3 Violet

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REVISION UNIT 9 -10 - 11I. Choose the best answer :1. We should reuse cloth bags ................ of plastic bags .a. instead b. besides c. apart d. without2. In the world , million of papers ......away every day .a. thrown b. is throwing c. are thrown d. threw3. He ......... many old books for 5 years.a. recycled b. is recycling c. has recycled d. will recycle4. It is dangerous ............. quickly in the Tet holiday .a. driving b. drove c. to drive d. driven5. I am ............... that you passed your English exam .a. please b. happily c. happy d. friendly6. I am looking forward to ................... you on next Sunday .a. meeting b. meet c. met d. will meet7. We are ready ................. the environment .a. clean b. cleaned c. cleaning d. to clean8. Shoes ...................... from old tires to safe money .a. is made b. are made c. is making d. will make9. Do you mind if Lan ................ that book away ?a. take b. taked c. takes d. took10. Would you mind ................. the door ?a. open b. opening c. opened d. opens11. We .................. Tom and Mary since last TET holiday .a. don’t see b. didn’t see c. hasn’t d. haven’t seen12. I ..................... in Danang several years .a. lives b. lived c. have lived d. has lived13. The boy _______ a book is Ba.a. read b. to read c. reads d. reading14. Would you mind________me some paper from the desk?a. getting b. get c. to get d. got15. If a patient can’t walk, he can use _______to move around.a. an eye chart b. a stretcher c. a wheelchair d. a scale16. Lan tried her best in order ________the contest.a. to pass b. pass c. passing d. passed17. ________I empty the basket for you? – That would be nice.a. Should b. Shall c. Will d. Must18. I am excited________in the trip around the capital.a. to join b. join c. joining d. joins19. A new stadium________next year.a. will build b. will be building c. will be built d. will be build20. ______ you like a cup of tea? Yes, please.a. Could b. Do c. Would d. Will21. It is difficult _______________ all these remember b. remembering c. remember d. remembered22. _______________ you mind if I smoked?a. Could b. Don’t c. Do d. Would23. John is interested _______________ the history of Vietnam.a. in b. with c. to d. on24. Milk bottles can be _______after being cleaned.a. recycled b. thrown away c. broken d. reused

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II. Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in standard English :1. I am looking forward to receive his present. -> receivingA B C D2. Let"s play football instead of listen to music. -> listeningA B C DIII. Read the passage below and do these exercises:Dalat is one of the few places in Vietnam where the temperature is not so high and not so low. The weather is very good for flowers. Dalat is famous for waterfalls like Prenn, Camly… Camly waterfall is just three kilometers from the center of the city.There are many lakes in Dalat. One of the nice lake is Ho Xuan Huong. Another lake is Tuyen Lam where a dream can come true. Lake Than Tho is a story which the people in the region are happy to tell it.The Valley of Love was named by the French colonizers. The Dalat flower Garden has a variety of flowers which are very beautiful all year.It’s not difficult to get to Dalat. We may take a coach or a plane from Ho Chi Minh city. To find accommodation is not easy at busy times.* Exercise 1: Write true (T) or False (F) before these sentences1. ……T…… The weather is fine in Dalat.2. ……T…… There are a lot of flowers in Dalat.3. ……F….... Dalat isn’t a famous place for tourists to visit.4. ……T…… It’s difficult to find accommodation in Dalat at busy time.* Exercise 2: Answer the questions:1. What is Dalat famous for?

-> Da Lat famous for waterfalls like Prenn, Camly… 2. Who named the Valley of Love?-> The Valley of Love was named by the French colonizers.

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I-Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first1. They send two million books to America every year. (passive voice)-> Two million books are sent to America every year. 2. They will open the new hotel next year. (passive voice)-> The new hotel will be opened next year.3. The house is very beautiful. It was built last month. (Use past participle)-> The house built last month is very beautiful.

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4. We turned off the lights. We didn’t want to waste electricity. (Use so as (not) to )-> We turned off the lights so as not to waste electricity.II. Rewrite the sentences with the words given1.Would / mind / if / I leave early?

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=> Would you mind if I left early?2.Do / mind / turn on / the door?

=> Do you mind turning on the door?III. Choose the best answer1.Would you mind ________________ on the light?A. turn B. to turn C. turned D. turning2. Mrs. Robinson works in a shop that sells flowers and plants. She’s ________A. baker B. farmer C. gardener D. florist3. Cool the burns immediately so as to ______ tissue damage.A. ease B. relieve C. minimize D. maximize4. The toystore is _______ the school and the bookstore .A. near B. between C. beside D. on5. __________ you post this letter for me, please ?A. Will B. Do C. Are D. Won’t6. Are you looking forward to _________ a holiday ?A. going B. to go C to going D. that you go7. Farmers collect household and garden waste to make ________.A. glassware B. compost C. fabric D. foor coverings8. Would you mind________I smoked here.A. When B. that C. if D. for9. Millions of Chirsmas card_______every year.A. were sent B. send C. are sent D. is sending.10. I don"t know how_________the gameA. playing B. play C. to play D. can I play11. Would you mind if I _________________ a photo ?A.take B.took C.taking take12. Milk bottles can be ________ after being cleaned.A. recycled B. soaked C. broken D. reused13. It’s dangerous ___________ in this river.A. swim B. that you swim C. swimming D. to swim14. English _________ in many countries in Asia.A. speaks B. is speaking C. is spoken D. has spoken

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IV. USE OF ENGLISH :1. He broke his leg, so he has to use a(n) ________________ to get around.A. scale B. stretcher C. ambulance D. wheelchair2. Is the rubbish ______________ everyday?A. collect B. collected C. collecting D. be collected3. People use first-aid ______________ ease the victim"s pain and anxiety.A. in order to B. so that C. so as not to D. in order that4. You"ll get back your _______________ when you bring the cans back for recycling.A. account B. envelope C. deposit D. paying5. This project will be carried _____________ next month.A. with B. out C. off D. over6. ______________ means not buying products which are overpackaged.A. Reducing B. Recycling C. Reusing D. Reordering7. Melt the mixture _____________ it become a liquid.A. after B. when C. until D. before8. _____________ is a wonderful natural fertilizer.A. Plastic bag B. Envelope C. Garbage D. CompostV. Reading Comprehension :V.1. Read the passage, and decide whether the statements that follow are True or False :Last month, Lan’ s father took her to a glass factory. They visited the recycling workshop where the broken glass was smashed into small pieces, and the glass was washed with a particular detergent liquid. After that, it was dried up and mixed with some chemicals. The mixture was put into a very high temperature furnace to melt into liquid. The workers in the factory used long pipes to blow the liquid into a variety of shapes. All the glassware looks nice. Lan was very impressed by the journey.1. Lan"s parents took her to a glass factory last month. __T__2. The workers used long pipes to blow the mixture into a variety shapes. __F__3. Lan"s father was impressed by the journey. __F__4. The passage is about recycling glass. __T__V.2. Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage :Every day, too many trees are used for making paper, but trees are important part of the (1) __________. So many paper mills use old paper instead of new wood pulp to make paper. This method is called (2) ________. Recycling paper helps reduce the number of trees that are used every day. Many people try to use less (3) ___________ in their daily lives. There are also special containers in many schools and public places where people can put used paper instead of throwing it into the garbage cans. Then this paper is collected to be recycled. Let"s (4) _____________ in our program “Saving our earth” and we will have a better world.1. A. animals B. environment C. earth D. land2. A. reducing B. protecting C. recycling D. reusing3. A. money B. water C. electricity D. paper4. A. join B. to join C. joined D. joiningV.3. Reread the passage in V.2, and then choose the correct answer :1. Used paper is collected for ______________.A. reducing B. reusingC. recycling D. rewriting2. Special containers are placed in many schools to collect _______________A. drink cans B. bottlesC. glass D. used paper