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The Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR is just a great old (non-autofocus) AI type lens. It"s better not to write about him, but to go and shoot. The lens has just fabulous aperture and focal length parameters and, at the same time, produces a very good, usable picture. Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR is 1 stop "lighter" than its 135 / 2,8 class brothers (for example Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8 or Nikon Nikkor-Q Auto 1: 2.8 f = 135mm).


View Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR with MDF with extended hood

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Nikon 135mm F / 2 was produced in 3 modifications: Non AI (1975-77), AI (1977-81), AI-S (1981-2005). Optically, all three lenses are completely identical; they differ only in trifles in the frame of the case. My copy number is 178743, which means that I have one of the first versions of the lens in the review. My Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR has been updated to the AI ​​version.


Nikon 135mm F2 NIKKOR aperture

The focus ring is rubberized, rotates 270 degrees. Focusing is smooth, while the front lens does not rotate, only the trunk lengthens. MDF is 1.3 meters, which allows you to get an increase of 1: 7.5. Front lens 72mm diameter. Nowadays, it is believed that the diameter of Nikon professional lenses is 77mm, this is due to the convenience of the interchangeability of filters between professional-grade lenses. Nikon 135mm F / 2 has a small built-in telescopic hood, but I did not find much benefit from it. The lens hood does not hang, it is well fixed on the lens.


Enlightenment of the front and rear lens of the Nikon 135mm F2 NIKKOR lens

Nikon 135mm F / 2 has a focusing distance scale and a depth of field scale for F / 22, F / 16, F / 8. The aperture closes at least to f / 22. The number of diaphragm blades is 9. NIC enlightenment is used. Build at a high level. On the case you can find the inscription "Lens Made in Japan". The lens is heavy, weighing almost 900 grams. Such a large weight is due to the fact that thick, rather massive glasses are used in the optical scheme. The Nikon 135mm f / 2 originally came with a dedicated storage case.

Sample Photos

The Nikon 135mm f / 2 creates a "squeezed" perspective and small depth of field ideal for portraits. The lens is sharp, even at f / 2.0 and around the edges of the frame. No distortion or coma, weak vignetting at F / 2.0. The lens suffers from freezing a little. Overall, the image is very good and the lens bokeh is excellent. How to use old lenses on modern SLR cameras is described in the section AI-S.

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The parameters shown in the photo gallery:Everything is filmed on Nikon D700... Everything was filmed with the extended metal hood and protective filter Hoya 72mm UV Philippines. On-camera JPEG L ("optimal quality" compression). Filmed in Auto ISO mode, with shutter speed no longer than 1/125 second. Functions: vignetting control, ADL, long exposure noise reduction, high ISO noise reduction have been turned off. Everything was shot in SD (standard mode): contrast correction - 0, brightness - 0, saturation - 0, hue - 0, sharpness - position 5 between 0 and 9. Used white balance: "Auto", "Shadow" and "Cloudy". The size of the photos has been reduced to 1600 * 1065.

Personal experience:

The lens is very similar to its younger brother. Nikon 105mm 1: 1.8 Nikkor AI-S, but on the Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR it turned out to be more convenient to focus, and the number of frames with successful focusing I got more. Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR is a gorgeous high-aperture prime, there is a whole sea of ​​pleasure from such a lens. If you are looking for something like that, I advise you to look away. Nikon 180mm 1: 2.8 ED Nikkor and shorter and cheaper Nikon 105mm 1: 2.5 Nikkor. Nikon 135mm F / 2 makes sense to use even on Nikon DX cameras, on which EGF lens will be 202.5mm.

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As I wrote at the beginning of the review, you just need to take Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR and shoot for your own pleasure. For users of old non-autofocus optics, such a lens should please.Material prepared Arkady Shapoval... Look for me on Youtube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram.