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Temperature Plots on Mobile: are only available on devices 500px or wider. Try using your mobile device in landscape orientation.

Final Temp Plots. Applicable Blogs: Hot and Cold | Final Temperature?
Plots are interactive: Hover/tap on traces to tát see (Launch+Day, TempKelvin) pairs. Use tools in upper right to tát zoom/screenshot.

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 more to tát come

Current State/Step :


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During Webb's launch, deployment and commissioning, this page tracked Webb's current state in detail on its journey from Earth to tát entry into its L2 halo orbit through all steps of its deployment, during its cooldown to tát operational temperatures, through its instrument commissioning and finally to tát the delivery of its first science images. What you see is the final state of Webb at the time of the delivery of its first images.

While Webb is in flight to tát L2, its journey is tracked numerically at the top of the page showing its progress in distance, tốc độ, percentage of trip complete to tát L2. Below those numbers, is a timeline switchable between DAYS/DISTANCE since launch, a thumbnail of Webb's MOST RECENTLY COMPLETED deployment step marking its place in TIME or DISTANCE on its 30 day journey to tát L2 followed by details of the current deployment step shown with a larger image, info and links.

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Once Webb has reached L2, this page will transition to tát tracking Webb's commissioning steps including the vital process of cooling to tát operating temperatures and mirror alignment, followed by instrument commissioning. At this point the top of the page will show a mix of bellweather current daily temperature obsevations followed by plots of those temperatures.

On the you can Deployment Explorer page you can explore all past and upcoming deployments on the way to tát L2. The Deployment Explorer opens to tát the MOST RECENTLY COMPLETED deployment step, all deployment steps to tát the "left" (on the top thumbnail nav) are COMPLETED, ll deployment steps to tát the "right" (on the top thumbnail nav) are FUTURE.

Webb in 3d Solar System