Skincare - Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm Review

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Blackheads, they have always been one of my biggestskincare woes. Hence my hands automatically reach out to anything that says“blackhead removing/removal….” My last experience with one such product wasdevastating. It is an universally loved product, but didn’t work on me, insteadaggravated my blackhead problem to a different level. (Read about the product and full experience HERE). After that incident, Ipromised not to go for any random blackhead removing product. But as soon as Isaw this Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm gracing the racks ofthe newly opened Innisfree store (Read about the new store HERE), I knew I had to try this.

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WHAT IS IT?An oil cleansing balm formulated with Jeju volcanicclusters which dissolves and removes impurities.



PRICE:-450 INR for 30ml

AVAILABILITY:-Innisfree stores across the country, Nykaa and Amazon.

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PACKAGING:-The product comes in a brown colored tub with a screwcap. The tub further comes housed in a cardboard box which has all thenecessary information like ingredients, direction to use, product claims, MRP, expdate, etc. The tub is compact and travel friendly. I wish it came with aspatula, so that we didn’t have to dig our fingers into the product, in themiddle of the cleaning process, if needed. That’s kind of unhygienic.


TEXTURE:-The product looks and feels like Vicks Vaporub. Thetexture is soft, balmy. It is opaque and solid in the tub, but melts and turnsoily the moment you start to roll it onto the skin. Don’t get scared when I sayoily, you can easily get rid of the grease with a cleanser. Fragrance is mild,nothing that disturbs my sensitive nose.


HOW TO USE:- Before cleansing,apply an appropriate amount onto where blackheads are concentrated. Usefingertips to massage for 3-5 minutes and use cleansing foam or lukewarm waterto rinse off afterwards.


MY EXPERIENCE:-I have been usingthis balm for quite some time now, almost 2-3 times a week. The formula issupposed to loosen your blackheads and remove them. But this product doesnothing to your blackheads. For the first time when I used this, I messaged fora good 3-5 minutes and then washed with cleansing foam and lukewarm water,diligently following all the instructions. But my nose was same as before. Thesecond time, I took steam before using this. Messaged for about 10 minutes andfinally could feel one or two grits on my finger. After washing, my nose stilllooked the same. I tried incorporating this in my Fiddy’s Pore Cleansing Method (Read about the method HERE), but theresults were still unsatisfactory.

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Now you may ask why I still keep on using this. Well, because I have spent 450rupees on it and money doesn’t grow on trees. The only good thing it does, itleaves skin feeling soft and smooth. So now, instead of wasting 10-15 minutesrigorously massaging in a hope to make this thing work on blackheads, I justspend 1-2 minutes thrice a week and the result is super soft and smooth skin.

So, in anutshell, this product is an utter waste of money, time and efforts. It isquite disheartening to see your smug blackheads still there in full glory,unmoved by all your efforts. The most it does is, it soften the skin texture,again which you can achieve with any other cleansing balm or oil or exfoliator.For blackhead removal, there are strips and masks available in the market,which works better on removing blackheads, or at least in reducing their appearance.Hence, I wouldn’t repurchase this, nor would recommend this to others. But ifyou don’t have very stubborn blackheads and just want a smoother skin, then youcan go for this.