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Dr. Thi Hong Van HOANG is Associate Professor and Chairholder "Social & Sustainable Finance" at Montpellier Business School (France). She obtained her Habilitation to supervise research (HDR) in 2021 at the University of Montpellier (France) and her Ph.D. in Management Sciences in December 2010 at the University of Orléans (France). Her teaching and research topics deal with sustainable finance, financial markets, corporate finance, and environmental economics. Her research has been published in journals such as The Energy Journal, Economic History Review, Accounting and Finance, International Review of Financial Analysis, Small Business Economics, Energy Economics, Economic Modelling, and Business Strategy and the Environment.

Selected Intellectual Contributions

Hoang T. & Syed Q. 2021. Investor sentiment and volatility prediction of currencies and commodities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Asian Economics Letters.

Hoang T., Przychodzen J., Przychodzen W. & Segbotangni E. 2021. Environmental transparency and performance: Does the corporate governance matter? Environmental and Sustainability Indicators, 10, 101123.

Shahzad S.J.H., Hoang T. & Bouri E. 2021. From pandemic to systemic risk: Contagion in the U.S. tourism sector. Current Issues in Tourism

Pho K.H., Ly S., Lu R., Hoang T. & Wong W.K. Forthcoming. Is Bitcoin a better diversifier than gold? A copula and risk analysis for China. International Review of Financial Analysis.

Borgards O., Czudaj R.L. & Hoang T. 2021. Price overreactions in the commodity futures’ market: An intraday analysis of the Covid-19’s impact. Resources Policy, 71: 101966.

Boysselle J., Granata J., Pourreau C., Hoang V., Cozarenco A., Delis M., Hollebeek L., Dumazer C., Meyer M., Marais M. & Etchanchu H. 2020. Conséquence de la crise du COVID. Comment gérer le changement avec efficacité et bienveillance. Livre Blanc, Montpellier Business School. Publishing Education.

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Hoang T., Przychodzen J., Przychodzen W. & Segbotangni E. 2020. Does it pay to be green? A disaggregated analysis of U.S. firms with green patents. Business Strategy and the Environment, 29(3), 1331-1361.

Aytaç B., Hoang T., Lahiani, A. & Michel L. 2020. Working capital management and profitability of wine firms in France: An empirical analysis. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 41(3), 368-396.

<16> From 2022: Preparation to the CFA ESG Investing certificate, Master 2, Montpellier Business School.<15> From 2022: Sustainable Finance with Bloomberg, Master 1, Montpellier Business School. (In French and in English)<14> From 2022: Applied Finance with Python, Master 1, Montpellier Business School. (In French and in English)<13> From 2021: Gestion ISR et programmation Python, “Green Finance” specialization, University of Montpellier. (In French)<12> From 2021: ESG and financial analysis, MSc “Responsible Finance”, Montpellier Business School.<11> 2020-2021: Corporate and market finance, Master 1, Montpellier Business School.<10> 2020-2021: Applied finance with Bloomberg, Master 1, Montpellier Business School.<9> 2020: Serious game: Managing an investment fund, Master 1, Montpellier Business School (together with Jean-Baptiste MONTIEL, Responsable Administration Référentiels Tiers, Data Steward, Groupe Caisse des Dépôts, France).<8> 2017-2019: Financial Markets, Master 1, Montpellier Business School. (Recognized as a Bloomberg Experimental Learning Partner in 2018).<7> 2010-2016: Financial Management, Master 1, Montpellier Business School.<6> 2007-2010: Financial Markets and Products, Bachelor, University Institute of Technology, University of Orléans.<5> 2007-2010: Financial Decisions and Politics, Master, University of Orléans.<4> 2008-2010: Applied Mathematics in Management, Master, University of Orléans.<3> 2009-2010: Introduction to Accounting, Bachelor, University Institute of Technology, University of Orléans.<2> 2009-2010: Accounting Operations, Bachelor, University Institute of Technology, University of Orléans.<1> 2007-2009: Financial Markets and International Finance, Master, University of Orléans.

Professional Publications


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Professional certificatesUdemy certificate on "ESG and Sustainable Investing 101", July 2020.Udemy certiciate on "Python for Finance: Investment fundamentals & Data Analytics", July 2020.Training session by Novethic on "Maîtriser les concepts de la taxonomie européenne", 24 September 2020. Certificate on “Big Data, methods and practical solutions for data analysis”, Orsys training program in June 2020. (In French)Bloomberg user with the Bloomberg Markets Concept BMC certificate obtained in March 2018Obtention of the certificates of “Around the Fintech in 8 hours”, "AI in Finance" and "Extrapreneurship Onfido" with the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE, London) in April 2018, in July 2019, and in January 2020.