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Dr Nguyen received his bachelor degree in electrical engineering from Portland State University, Oregon in 2011 with a GPA of 3.97/4.0. From 2011 to early 2013, he was a product yield engineer at Intel where he received the Intel Global Test Mgiaithuongtinhnguyen.vnfacturing Group (TMG) Excellence award in Q4, 2012.

In 12/2016, Dr Nguyen received his PhD in engineering (photovoltaics) from the Australian National University (giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn). In 2017, he was a visiting scientist at the United States" National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Currently, Dr Nguyen is a senior research fellow and senior lecturer at the giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn. He received giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn"s Dean Award for Excellence in Supervision in 12/2018, was among the top four supervisors nominated for Vice Chancellor"s Award in the same category in 02/2019, and received the giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn-wide recognition Supervisor of the Month 02/2020. He also received giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn Dean"s Award for Remote Teaching in 08/2020 in both individual and course categories.

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The central idea of Dr Nguyen’s research is to advance solar energy technologies through knowledge and scientific discoveries and technological inventions. His research spans from the fundamental to the applied. His team explores the fundamental properties of light-matter interactions in solar energy materials and devices under various conditions. The team works to uncover the relationship between absorbed/emitted light and important properties of the materials and devices, including optical, electrical, chemical, and structural properties. By exploiting these phenomena, the team develops novel device concepts, advanced characterization techniques, and defect engineering routes with applications to renewable energy and material science. His team"s research has been featured by over 100 media channels worldwide. He has published 63 peer-reviewed journal articles in various reputable journals.

Selected media releases:

Grants awarded: AUD$2.87 million cash as lead-chief investigator and AUD$3.92 million cash as co-chief investigator

10. Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics (ACAP) Infrastructure Fund (2020), AUD$ 463k cash, co-chief investigator (led by Tom White).

Project: Advanced PV Device Characterisation Cluster

9. Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) R&D Round 5 (2020-2022), AUD$ 987k cash, lead chief investigator at giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn node (co-lead with Tom White).

Project: Durable Silicon Perovskite Tandem PV

8. Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics (ACAP) Infrastructure Fund (2020), AUD$ 630k cash, lead chief investigator.

Project: Advanced PV Optical Characterisation Cluster

7. ACAP Post-Doctoral Fellowship Round 3 (2020-2022), AUD$ 280k cash, lead chief investigator.

Project: Poly-Si passivating contacts: structures, optoelectronic properties, and defect engineering.

6. giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn Early Career Researcher Travel Grant (05/2019), AUD$3k cash.

5. ANU National Institutes Grant (2019-2020), AUD$ 500k cash, lead chief investigator (co-lead with Daniel Macdonald).

Project: Solar Research characterisation hub.

4. ACAP Collaboration Grant - Round 5 (2018-2020), AUD$ 58k cash, lead chief investigator.

Project: Advanced luminescence characterisation for doped-poly and passivation films in silicon photovoltaics.

3. Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) R&D Round 3 (2018-2021), AUD$ 3.43 milion cash, co-chief investigator (led by Daniel Macdonald).

Project: Driving increased efficiency and reliability in silicon photovoltaics - from ingots to modules.

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2. ACAP Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2018-2020), AUD$ 410k cash, lead chief investigator.

Project: Multiscale and depth-resolved spectral photoluminescence for characterising silicon solar cells.

1. ACAP Collaboration Grant - Round 2 (2016-2017), AUD$ 60k cash, co-chief investigator (led by Daniel Macdonald).

Project: Advanced photoluminescence studies of silicon wafers and solar cells



Ary Wibowo (primary supervisor, 04/2021) - currentZhuofeng Li (primary supervisor, 04/2021) - currentKhoa Nguyen (primary supervisor, 12/2020) - currentAnh Bui (primary supervisor, 01/2020) - currentThien Truong (primary supervisor, 07/2018) - currentMike Tebyetekerwa (primary supervisor, 07/2018) - currentJessica Wu (associate-supervisor, 09/2016) - completed


Azul Mayon (co-supervision with Tom White) - currentChaochen Xu (co-supervision with Zongyou Yin) - current


Ary Wibowo (primary supervisor, S2 2019 and S1 2020) - completedRajeev Premayogi (primary supervisor, S2 2019 and S1 2020) - completedZhongshu Yang (primary supervisor, S2 2019) - completedKang Ye (primary supervisor, S2 2019) - completedSven Gerritsen (primary supervisor, S1 2019 and S2 2019) - completedZiyuan Cai (primary supervisor, S2 2018 and S1 2019) - completed


Xinhao Huang (primary supervisor, S1 and S2 2021) - currentChristopher Luu (primary supervisor, S1 and S2 2020) - completedLogan Stenlake (primary supervisor, S1 2020) - completedKilash Pyrke (primary supervisor, S1 2019 and S2 2019) - completedZhuofeng Li (primary supervisor, S2 2018 and S1 2019) - completedBoyi Chen (primary supervisor, S1 and S2 2018) - completed


I am continuously looking for talented and motivated candidates to join my team. If you are looking for 1) a world-leading institute in renewable energy to host you and you have had a scholarship sponsor; 2) research collaborations; 3) both admissions and supporting scholarships (you will need an outstanding academic/industry record); 4) any other opportunities, please contact me directly. These positions are available for all levels (Masters/PhDs/Post-docs). Note that renewable energy research is very interdisciplinary, hence candidates from all science/engineering backgrounds (Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Material, Chemistry, or related disciplines) are welcome. Important: I don"t reply to mass emails and sloppy enquiries.

Group photo:


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Winter 2019, giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn. Left to right: Jessica Wu, Kang Ye, Rajeev Premayogi, Zhongshu Yang, Rabin Basnet, Mike Tebyetekerwa, Kilash Pyrke, Thien Truong, Hieu Nguyen, Sven Gerritsen, Zhuofeng Li, and Ary Wiboro