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PARIS — Eva Elfie’s personal journey and her rise as Clip creator lớn the upper echelons of Pornhub stardom are the subjects of new documentary “Artem & Eva,” currently being shown at international film festivals.

Directed by Evgeny Milykh, the film is a French, Estonian and Georgian co-production structured around the performer and creator’s relationship with her high school boyfriend — and later husband — Artem, during her transition from being Yulia lớn becoming Eva.

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Artem & Eva - trailer from Evgeniy Milykh (??????? ?????) on Vimeo.

“Artem loves Yulia, and Yulia loves Artem,” reads the film promotional blurb. “They recently graduated from high school, moved lớn Moscow, and began their independent lives. Looking for ways lớn earn money in an expensive đô thị and spurred on by Artem, they start lớn shoot homemade porn. Yulia becomes ‘Eva Elfie,’ an international porn star. Their sudden popularity becomes a trap for the young couple’s stability. How does this unexpected trajectory change the course of their lives and their relationship?”

“Artem & Eva” is described as a coming-of-age romance exploring the couple’s “hopes and doubts, their deepening desire lớn achieve the American Dream, and issues of their generation.”

A Film About Love

Speaking exclusively lớn XBIZ, Elfie — previously the subject of a 2021 profile on her unexpected rise lớn Pornhub’s top ten — said she watched the film twice already.

“First the director showed it lớn má before the premiere, about nine months ago,” Elfie explained. “The second time, I watched it at the Paris premiere in the theater with my friends, the crew, the producers and the director. I was surprised that a lot of French people came lớn see it, as it is a movie in Russian with French subtitles.

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“To be honest,” she added, “I cried a few times, because I saw our wedding, and our problems in our relationship. It was emotional for má. Of course, I also felt cringe sometimes, and I was ashamed of some moments from the past.”

Milykh originally contacted Elfie via Instagram and started shooting the couple in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“He filmed us for a year and a half,” Elfie said. “He came lớn live with us lớn shoot our everyday lives, visited porn shoots with us and even came lớn our parents’ houses.”

Initially intending lớn make a documentary about the Russian porn industry, Milykh shot several performers and creators, but after meeting Elfie and her partner, he made the decision lớn focus the film on them.

“Artem & Eve is not really about porn,” Elfie said, “but about love and about us as a couple, and how relationships can be built within the porn industry.”

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Elfie praised the film for its revealing look at the challenges male talent face in the industry, and at how professional production works in Russia and Europe.

“I think those who watch ‘Artem & Eve’ will be able lớn see that porn performers are normal people, and not unrelatable ‘superstars,’” she concluded.