Bosch Gsb 13 Re Impact Drill With Smart Tool Kit 13Mm 600W, Bosch Gsb 13 Re Professional

Model: Model GSB 13 RE, Bosch Power Tools IndiaMRP Rs 5,500; Street Price Rs 3700 in Chawri Bazar, New Delhi.Date: 2 February 2011.

The drill in its case with accessories
I brought this drill kit mainly because my trusty, old Black & Decker drill did not have variable speed capabilities. The turning speed of newer drills can be controlled by varying pressure on the power button; the harder the button is pressed, the faster the drill will turn. Variable speed is crucial for screwdriving operations; it also useful for drilling in ceramic and glass where the initial rotation should be slow.I also have a heavy hammer drill (Bosch GBH-2-26 DFR) that I use for drilling into concrete, really hard masonry or boring holes through walls. The heavy duty drill is also great for drilling into steel and cast iron. The hammer drill is a great machine but it is too bulky for woodworking, particularly screwdriving and making small holes. I needed something smaller, handier and powerful.After reviewing various Bosch machines - and there is no doubt that Bosch makes some of the best power tools out there - I decided to buy the GSB 13 RE kit. Everything recommended that kit. The drill was variable speed, reversible and had a hammer drill capability. It also came in a box packed with DIY accessories, including a small hammer, adjustable spanner, sets of drill bits (masonry, wood and metal), a tape measure, cutter, hex bit holder for screwdriving bits and so on. It looked like great value for money and I could not wait to lay my hands on the kit.When I brought it home, however, I was sorely disappointed. Everything about the kit was cheap and tacky. Even the plastic carrying case is made of much inferior material as compared to other Bosch carrying cases. The drill itself was disappointing; it wobbled on its axis, cut slowly and the switch for drilling type (hammer or regular) moved about on its own. The bits supplied too are of very poor quality. I immediately regretted buying this machine, which I suspect is manufactured cheaply for the Third World market somewhere in China or Taiwan.Initially I had advised against buying this kit no matter how attractive the package might look and cost. This was more than a year ago. Today, as I revisit this post (in July 2012), I must say confess that it is not as bad a package as I had first thought it was. Yes, the make is not the best and the drill has its shortcomings but it is nevertheless a competent machine which I have used without problem for more than a year. For most work, the kit is more than adequate.