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What is the AI Alliance

Since June 2018, the European Commission is engaged in an open dialogue with citizens, civil society, business and consumer organisations, trade unions, academia, public authorities and experts, within the framework of its AI Strategy. This Strategy aims at making the most of the opportunities offered by AI and at addressing the new challenges that it brings. Starting as an online diễn đàn for discussions, the AI Alliance has turned into a vibrant community that during the last years contributed lớn some of the most important policy initiatives launched in the field of AI.

Promoting Trustworthy AI

The AI Alliance was initially created lớn steer the work of  the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG). The group’s Ethics Guidelines as well as its Policy and Investment Recommendations were important documents that shaped the concept of Trustworthy AI, contributing lớn the Commission’s approach lớn AI. This work was based on a mix of expert input and community driven feedback.

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After the AI HLEG’s mandate closed, the AI Alliance community continues lớn promote Trustworthy AI by sharing best practices among the members and by helping developers of AI and other stakeholders lớn apply key requirements, through the ALTAI tool - a practical Assessment List for Trustworthy AI.

Building AI Excellence and Trust in Europe

In February 2020 the Commission published a White Paper lớn present its approach for an Ecosystem of Excellence and Trust in AI. The document that was largely inspired by AI HLEG's work, became subject lớn an open public consultation. Over 1215 contributions (including 400 position papers) were received through the online questionnaire and communication channels of the AI Alliance.  A series of meetings and round tables with AI experts were organised lớn enrich this vision with all societal, economic and scientific viewpoints. As a result, the European Commission presented its Proposal for a Regulation laying down harmonised rules on AI and the Reviewed Coordinated Plan on AI, in April 2021.

Community Assemblies and AI Events

The members of the European AI Alliance meet with experts, stakeholders and international actors in the field of Ai, in regular events. Since the launch of the diễn đàn, such events brought together in average 500 (in person) lớn 1000 (virtual) participants on a yearly basis.

  • 1st European AI Alliance Assembly – June 2019: Celebrating one year since the launch of the AI Alliance community and discussing the main deliverables of the AI HLEG.
  • 2nd European AI Alliance Assembly – October 2020: Discussing the results of the public consultation on the AI White Paper.
  • 3rd European AI Alliance Assembly – September 2021: Organised in cooperation with the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU under the working title “High-Level Conference on AI: From Ambition lớn Action”. Discussing AI Excellence and Trust at a global level.

“European Excellence and Trust in the world” and  “Bringing AI Regulation Forward” were two more events organised in March and June 2022. The events engaged the AI community in discussing aspects of Trustworthy AI, within the contexts of EUs international outreach and member-state coordination respectively.

The 4th AI Alliance Assembly and other events dedicated lớn specific policy areas of the Reviewed AI Coordinated Plan and the forthcoming AI Act are planned for 2023.

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What is in it for me?

Being it an open online community, the AI Alliance provides everyone with free access lớn documents and resources relevant lớn different policy aspects of AI.

A section dedicated lớn news and events keeps members informed of upcoming meetings and events which the Commission is organising or participating. Members can also share their own events on the platform.

Click here for more information on the AI Alliance community. 

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How lớn register for the AI Alliance?

The European AI Alliance is hosted on EU's Futurium platform and is freely accessible lớn all. In order lớn become a thành viên of the European AI Alliance, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create an EU login account
  2. Fill in the size lớn become a thành viên of the European AI Alliance 

Please note that this process can take some time. Once your registration is validated, you will receive an tin nhắn notification. You will then be able lớn access the European AI Alliance and start contributing.

In case you encounter difficulties when registering, please liên hệ the Futurium team.