Xin Review Về Son A'Pieu Water Light Tint Rd03, A Pieu Water Light Tint

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Water Light Tint 4g
Water Light Tint 4g " />
Colouring, Enhancing Lip
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Use tip to control amount, apply gently from the center of the lips.

For clearer color, apply full on the inner lip line.



The taste of this tint is so bad. I can't put on this tint because of the taste. I won't repurchase it

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My lip doesn't feel dry after use so it is quite good. The smell is OK but I will get a very weird smell in my mouth after applying. I am using RD02, however the colour is more like a neon orange though. But the colour do last very long.

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Bought RD01.Nice red colour tint which is not too bright and has a bit of glossy effect. However, the tint has a weird taste which tasted like soap.

The scent of the lip tint is quite nice and acceptable. It's not a glossy type and will dry out quickly after apply.

Love the smell as well as the color! not sure it's good or not as the color can last long,at least no need to re-apply in the whole day.